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Newsletter Archive 2015


Create An Effective Keyword Campaign
Online marketers need to understand the significance of creating the right keyword campaign to be successful. Search engines are always changing and a purely keyword intensive campaign can help in creating conversions. Here is an infographic by Smarter Digital Marketing with a detailed information on how to create a successful keyword campaign. Weekly Infographic: Create...

Date: 03.24.16

Why more brands AREN’T experimenting with Snapchat
Yeah, I know Snapchat has 100 million daily active users. I know they have like 46 billion views on their videos (slight exaggeration). And I know every 17-year-old alive checks Snapchat no fewer than 89 times per day. I get it–Snapchat is a BFD (you aren’t the only ones who can use cool acronyms, Millennials!).

Date: 02.15.16

How the psychology of “engaging” on Twitter has changed
No, this isn’t another post on how Twitter is changing. Or has changed. Or needs to change. I believe that ground has been covered. And then some. What I’d like to talk about today is how the psychology of user behavior has changed on Twitter–and more importantly, how that impacts us as marketers.

Date: 01.11.16

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